Prof. Winfried Pickl

PicklAssociate professor, principal investigator and leader of the Division of Cellular Immunology and Immunohematology at
the Institute of Immunology, Medical University of Vienna.
Professional skills in molecular biology, molecular and cellular allergology and immunology, hematology as well as blood group serology and tissue typing.
Extensive experience in project development and management and extended academic teaching experience.
Speaker of the Doctoral Program ‘Molecular, Cellular and Clinical Allergology, MCCA’ – a long-term educational program of the Austrian Science Fund operated by 16 principal investigators based at the Medical University of Vienna and dedicated to the high-level education of PhD-students in the fields of molecular, cellular and clinical allergology.
MAIN RESEARCH AREA: Immunology and Allergology
 - Basic research aspects: Biology of antigen-presentation and subsequent T-cell activation with a
special focus on allergens as model antigens
- Translational research: Development of virus-like particle based and cellular vaccines for allergy

Division of Cellular Immunology & Immunohematology
Institute of Immunology
Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology & Immunology
Borschkegasse 8A, 1090 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 40160 33245
FAX: +43 1 40160 933201
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