Der p 23 - new major allergen of D. pteronyssinus

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Der p 23 3D structure

Der p 23 is a 14 kDa D. pteronyssinus (house dust mite) allergen protein found in mite feces. It belongs to the family of peritrophin-like proteins and characterized by a chitin-binding activity. In sensitized patients, Der p 23 binds about 74 % of specific IgE and being classified as new major HDM allergen, alongside with Der p 1 and Der p 2. Due to its high allergenic activity, Der p 23 should be used as an important component for HDM-specific immunotherapy. Here, we propose abstracts of several publications shedding light to the molecular, immunological and clinical characteristics of this protein and its importance for diagnosing and treating HDM allergy.


Identification of Der p 23, a peritrophin-like protein, as a new major Dermatophagoidespteronyssinus allergen associated with the peritrophic matrix of mite fecal pellets

Serological, genomic and structural analyses of the major mite allergen Der p 23

Different IgE recognition of mite allergen components in asthmatic and nonasthmatic children

Patterns of IgE sensitization in house dust mite-allergic patients: implications for allergen immunotherapy

The House Dust Mite Major Allergen Der p 23 Displays O-Glycan-Independent IgE Reactivities but No Chitin-Binding Activity

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