The cat lipocalin Fel d 7 and its cross-reactivity with the dog lipocalin Can f 1

Apostolovic D, Sánchez-Vidaurre S, Waden K, Curin M, Grundström J, Gafvelin G, Cirkovic Velickovic T, Grönlund H, Thomas WR, Valenta R, Hamsten C, van Hage M.

Allergy. 2016 Oct;71(10):1490-5


We investigated the prevalence of sensitization to the cat lipocalin Fel d 7 among 140 cat-sensitized Swedish patients and elucidated its allergenic activity and cross-reactivity with the dog lipocalin Can f 1. Sixty-five of 140 patients had IgE to rFel d 7 whereof 60 also had IgE to rCan f 1. A moderate correlation between IgE levels to rFel d 7 and rCan f 1 was found. rFel d 7 activated basophils in vitro and inhibited IgE binding to rCan f 1 in 4 of 13 patients, whereas rCan f 1 inhibited IgE binding to rFel d 7 in 7 of 13 patients. Fel d 7 and Can f 1 showed high similarities in protein structure and epitopes in common were found using cross-reactive antisera. Fel d 7 is a common allergen in a Swedish cat-sensitized population that cross-reacts with Can f 1, and may contribute to symptoms in cat- but also in dog-allergic patients.

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