USMAI-38 and USMAI-39: A Report

March 15-16, 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine: 38th Ukrainian School of Molecular Allergology and Immunology (USMAI) “Laboratory diagnostics and therapy of allergy to grasses, cereals and weeds” (2nd level) and 39th Ukrainian School of Molecular Allergology and Immunology (USMAI) “Food allergy, genuine and cross-reactive sensitization. Laboratory diagnostics and therapy of allergy to molds and animals” (3rd level) have been held in the Clinic of Allergology and Immunology “Forpost”. 14 allergists, immunologists, pulmonologists and related clinicians from Kyiv, Chernivtsi, Kharkiv, Dnipro and other Ukrainian cities visited each school. For the first time, both school have been held simultaneously in different conference halls of “Forpost”, with parallel lecture sessions. Schools were devoted to the basics of molecular biology of allergen families from grass and weed pollen, animals and mold (D. Gerasymchuk), characteristics of laboratory diagnostics and use of ImmunoCAP ISAC screening technology in the diagnostic laboratory with the comparison with competitors, particularly, MadX ALEX (I. Pshenychna, D. Gerasymchuk), bronchial asthma in pregnant women and possibilities to go for sports fro asthmatics (S. Zaykov), role of molecular allergology in recombinant allergens development (M. Lykova). Prof. I. Gogunska devoted her lectures to allergy to grasses and cereals (USMAI-38) and sensitization to molds(USMAI-39) whereas Dr. O. Naumova talked in details about types of sensitization to gluten (USMAI-38) and clinical aspects of allergy to animals and molds (USMAI-39). Prof. T. Umanets talked about multidisciplinary approach in allergy to hen’s eggs and cow’s milk. In their lectures, using real clinical cases Drs O. Nazarenko and G. Nazarenko showed special aspects of development, diagnostics and therapy of allergy to different allergen families from grasses, cereals and weeds, molds and pets as well as animal and plant foods. Schools have been ended by the final evaluation and graduation of School students.

Schools of molecular allergology again demonstrated high interest of Ukrainian clinicians to the latest approaches in diagnostics and therapy of allergy, willingness to study and implement new knowledge to their everyday practice. 

Ukrainian School of Molecular Allergology and Immunology (USMAI) is an INUNIMAI subsidiary in Ukraine. School programs are made according to requirements and standards of INUNIMAI and the Medical University of Vienna.


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