Summer School in food allergy and molecular allergology

On July 4, 2019, in "Gorki Grand" hotel in Sochi, Russia, the Summer School in food allergy and molecular Allergology in the auspice of INUNIMAI and Frisland Campina has been held. Summer school with lectures made by leading European and Russian scientists and clinicians attracted allergists and related medical professionals from all regions of Russia. 

The School was opened by the lecture of the President of INUNIMAI Prof. Rudolph Valenta «Updated information about allergy prevention and development of tolerance in childhood». Associate member of RAS, Prof. Musa Khaitov, the director of the Institute of immunology FMBA of Russia shared the results of his study of molecular sensitization profile in adolescents in Moscow, which was performed using allergy chip technology ImmunoCAP ISAC by ThermoFischer Scientific. The lecture of chief medical officer in allergy in Moscow Prof. Alexander Pampura was devoted to food anaphylaxis in young children whereas director of the Department of pediatric prophylaxis of the National Medical Research Center of Children Health (Moscow, Russia) Svetlana Makarova and scientific advisor of Friesland Campana Anna Davydovskaya talked about challenges and perspectives of diagnostics and eliminating diet in milk allergic infants.  

Allergy is known to be the disease of civilization where children in developed and actively developing societies are exposed to numerous allergens from the very early age. The important task of a clinician is to identify allergens properly, make correct diagnosis and choose an effective strategy of therapy by taking into account possible challenges and ambiguous results. And this can be possible only with the latest knowledge in alergology, understanding of the molecular nature of allergy development and connection of clinical manifestations with theory. The main goal of the school laid exactly in the comprehensive approach in food allergy treatment. And, according to active debates and genuine questions, tutors accomplished their task with credit. We are expecting new schools and conferences soon with the updated information in the field of molecular allergy and tricky real clinical cases from routine practice of INUNIMAI tutors

Summer School Program

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