Interdisciplinary seminar: "Allergic reactions of reagin and delayed types in dentistry" - a report

March 30, 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine: Ukrainian School of Molecular Allergology and Immunology (USMAI), a branch of INUNIMAI in Ukraine, together with the School of Periodontology and Dentistry PerioSchool held a seminar “Allergic reactions of reagin and delayed types in dentistry” at the Medical Library of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Study (Kyiv, Ukraine), which was attended by 98 dentists. The seminar addressed the issues of drug allergies in dental practice, molecular biological and clinical characteristics of haptens and their use in dental practice. Since more and more dentists are faced to allergic reactions to drugs, the speeches aroused genuine interest of the audience. The 3-hour seminar was clearly not enough to discuss all the issues, so it was decided to organize a specialized school for dentists, which will strengthen the interdisciplinary cooperation of Ukrainian clinicians.

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