40-th Jubilee USMAI School - a report

On April 19-20, 2019, in Kyiv, Ukraine, a Jubilee 40-th USMAI School (4th basic level) "Insect allergy. Allergy to helminths, insects, fish and shellfish. Tropomyosins: cross-reactivity, diagnostics, therapy. Diagnostics and therapy of allergy to staphylococcal entherotoxins. Drug allergy" have been organized. 15 allergists, immunologists, pulmonologists, pediatricians from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv and other Ukrainian cities have visited the School. In 2-day training, USMAI students enriched their knowledge in molecular and clinical allergology, facing closely to new allergenic protein families of bacteria, invertebrates and vertebrates, novel methods in allergy diagnostics and therapy and advances of molecular allergolog for today’s clinical practice. USMAI trainers pay particular attention to evidence-based medicine by using in their lectures information from the latest world-class publications and unusual clinical cases from their own practice demonstrating the importance of molecular methods for the correct identification of genuine cause of a particular allergy. 

Final evaluation of USMAI students showed considerable progress in the studying of molecular allergology. Clinicians are open for new knowledge and the latest information in their field since this is a prerequisite for health and high quality of life of their patients. On the other hand, fUSMAI trainers are ready not only to share their experience and knowledge but also to discuss extraordinacy cases, find new, and often - non-typical decisions that helps everyday in real life. Next Schools of 5 advanced level offer «deeper dive» to molecular allergology with more complex and, thus, more interesting problems. 

USMAI Schools are the only branch of INUNIMAI in former CIS countries. All USMAI programs are developed under the requirements and standards of INUNIMAI and the Medical University of Vienna.  

Program of the 40-th USMAI School

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