XVIII International Congress "Asthma and Allergy" in Almaty, Kazakhstan - A Report

On April 26 – 27, 2018 in Almaty city, Kazakhstan, the medical community celebrated an important event – the XVIIIth  International Congress "Asthma and Allergy" and the II Congress on Allergology&Clinical Immunology in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This event took place with the support of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, the Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University (KazNMU) and the Association of Allergology&Clinical Immunology specialists.

The rector of KazNMU, Professor Talgat Nurgozhin, opened the Congress emphasizing the special importance of this Congress, as a venue for productive exchange of new ideas and practices as well as active communication between specialists in the area.

Presentation by professor D. Pavalkis, the KazNMU Provost, aroused real interest and a lively discussion among the audience since it was targeted at perspectives of university clinics development and provided practical ideas for clinical management in Kazakhstan.              

Professor Zh. Ispayeva, Association of Allergology&Clinical Immunology specialist’s president, director of department of Allergology&Clinical Immunology at KazNMU in her welcome speech also presented information about current allergy prevalence in Kazakhstan, our achievements and progress in this area since 1998 and collaboration with EAACI.

Professor Ilyina N.I., Director of Institute of Immunology, FMBA, Russia in her presentation highlighted the existing clinical methodologies applied in Russia and recommendations for practical health care providers based on this experience.

Professor Maya Gotua, Director of Allergology & Immunology Center in Tbilisi city, Georgia, provided a presentation about modern challenges in the allergy management, and the presentation had a significant interest of the audience.   

Professor Fal A.M., Head of Department of Internal Medicine&Allergology, Warsaw, presented a lecture on nasal polyps’ role in developing severe asthma.  

The famous professors, experts of international programs, speakers from Belarus (A. Lukianov), Ukraine (Т.Svyatenko), Lithuania (Odilija Rudzeviciene), Russia ( R.Khanferyan, E.Radzig) and from Kazakhstan (Zh. Ispayeva, G. Batpenova, E. Kovzel, G. Tusupbekova, M. A. Morenko, Z. Khairullin) presented lectures on practical topics in allergology and clinical immunology. Such topics of current interest as atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, gastrointestinal allergy, antihistamine drugs, issues of education process in Kazakhstan medical institutions, and the current perspectives of allergic problems’ management. These issues were of special interest for practicing doctors and medical students. The invited guests were involved in master-classes on primary immunodeficiency and molecular allergology.

Separate sessions at Congress were devoted to different allergology topics, discussions, clinical assessment of some actual cases and a special session of the Association Board: food allergy in children, atopic dermatitis mechanisms, new combination drugs for bronchial asthma management and control, allergic rhinitis in children, pollinizes in Kazakhstan etc.

The educational aspect of the Congress: many young allergology and immunology specialists, participating to the event, as well as pulmonologists, dermatologists, pediatricians and general practitioners were introduced to a significant amount of actual scientific and practical information.      

Three of the professors - Ilyina N.I. (Russia), Maya Gotua (Geogia), Fal A.M. (Poland) had been admitted to become the Honorable Members of the Association of Allergology&Clinical Immunology of Kazakhstan.

Due to the wide range of the topics discussed at the Congress it attracted professionals of different specialties: allergology, immunology, pulmonology, dermatology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, and general practitioners.

Every presentation was followed by a discussion, proving that the interest is high in healthcare providers to this relatively new area of medicine, which allergology&immunology is. Also, showing that young doctors are open to learn more and are using the chance to exchange their experience with visiting professors.

The Congress provided the opportunity for participants to join the international allergology & immunology community and became a significant event in Kazakhstan health care.

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