Webinar "ASIT - evidence, safety, efficacy."

Dear colleagues!

INUNIMAI kindly invites you to participate in the webinar "ASIT - evidence, safety, efficacy".

Date and time: March 14, 2018, 16:00-17:00 (MSK)

Site:  www.internist.ru

Speaker: Dr. Prof. Head of the Laboratory of Clinical Allergology Marina A. Mokronosova, Institute of Vaccines and Serums named by I. Mechnikov


Allergen-specific immunotherapy remains to be the main method of prophylaxis, correction and therapy of atopic pathology. However, statistically significant data demonstarated low or even negative effects of ASIT in certain cases. Succesful ASIT is based on the following key components: compliance with objective criteria of ASIT prescription, correct medication, dose and administration, ASIT monitoring with objective markers.