INUNIMAI Seminar "Molecular Diagnostics of Allergy Diseases" - A Report

September 13, 2018, Samara, Russian Federation. 27 allergists participated in the INUNIMAI Seminar “Molecular Diagnostics of Allergic Diseases” dedicated to food and pet allergy (venue – Green Line Hotel). In his introduction to the seminar, Head of the Department of General and clinical microbiology, immunology and allergy of Samara State Medical University Prof. A.V. Zhestkov paid particular attention to the importance of the molecular basics of allergic diseases for the correct understanding of the development of disease, its proper diagnostics, and efficient therapy. Head of the Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Research and Clinical Institute of Pediatrics named by Yu. Ye. Veltishchev of Pirogov Russian Medical University A.N. Pampura made two lectures: “Management of patients with allergic diseases associated with food allergy” and “Are pets “friends or enemies” of patients with allergy?” Head of Phadia CIS business unit A. Hill told about interpretation of ISAC allergy chip results in component-resolved diagnostics and correct usage of analysis results form.

Molecular diagnostics of allergy is a promising area raising high interest among the majority of allergists. Seminar in Samara gave the possibility not only to receive new knowledge but also to communicate with professionals who use molecular approaches in their daily clinical routine. For genuine scientific debates participants of the Seminar were invited to the 1st Moscow Molecular Allergy Meeting (MMAM) to be held at November 27, 2018 in Moscow, which will undoubtedly be the important step for popularization of molecular approaches in allergy among clinicians.

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