INUNIMAI School in Molecular Allergy Diagnostics - A Report

September 8, 2018, Minsk, Belarus: Leading Belarussian and Ukrainian allergists participated in INUNIMAI School in Molecular Allergy Diagnostics organized in Minsk Crowne Plaza Hotel in cooperation with Medical Laboratory SINLAB. 98 medical professionals visited the School including allergists, pediatricians, pulmonologists, dermatologists, professionals in laboratory diagnostics. The event started with the introduction from the Head of the Department of allergy and professional pathologies of the Belarus Medical Academy of postgraduate education (BelMAPO) and INUNIMAI Coordinator in Belarus Dr. T.V.Baranovskaya: she greeted participants, described allergopathological structure in Belarus, and told about new possibilities and perspectives of molecular diagnostics of allergy in the country. Head of Phadia business unit in CIS countries Alexander Hill made speech devoted to the basics of molecular allergy and component-resolved diagnostics with the emphasis on the importance of the latest and the most precise methods for reliable detection of disease pattern and effective therapy. Additionally, A. Hill focused attention of the audience on INUNIMAI as an international scientific and educational project, in which more and more clinicians from different countries are improving their knowledge in molecular allergy.

Зав. кафедрой аллергологии и профпатологии БелМАПО, координатор INUNIMAI в Беларуси доц. Т.В. Барановская
Leading Ukrainian allergists, lecturers of the Ukrainian Division of INUNIMAI – Ukrainian School of Molecular Allergy and Immunology (USMAI) – shared their knowledge and experience with the participants of the School. In their lectures, particular attention was paid to the role of allergenic molecules in rhinitis (Prof. I.V. Gogunska, SI “Institute of otolaryngology named by O.Kolomyichenko NAMS of Ukraine”), in asthma (Prof. T.R. Umanets, Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology NAMS of Ukraine), and in food allergy (Dr. O.A. Naumova, President of NGO “Ukrainian Celikey Society”). Clinicians from the Clinics of Allrgy and Immunology “Forpost”, Kyiv, Ukraine, described allergy situation in Ukraine: Head of the Clinics O.P.Nazarenko made detailed speech about top-5 sensitization cases among Ukrainian patients, while Director of the Laboratory “Forpost” G.I.Nazarenko told about global allergy profiling of Ukrainian population by the latest methods of molecular allergy diagnostics.

Лектор УШМАИ проф. И.В. Гогунская (ГУ «Институт отоларингологии им. А. Коломийченко НАМН Украины», Киев)

Лектор УШМАИ, д.м.н. Т.Р. Уманец (Институт педиатрии, акушерства и гинекологии НАМН Украины, Киев

Лектор УШМАИ к.м.н. О.А. Наумова (ВОО «Украинское общество целиакии»)

Генеральный директор и главврач клиники аллергологии и иммунологии «Форпост», президент УШМАИ А.П. Назаренко

Директор лаборатории «Форпост», лектор УШМАИ Г.И. Назаренко

Ведущие украинские аллергологи, лекторы УШМАИ и Школы молекулярной аллергологии INUNIMAI в Минске





























































Lively reaction, questions to the lecturers and active discussion showed genuine interest of Belarussian clinicians to the novel approaches in allergy research, diagnostics and therapy. At the end of the School, the decision to quarterly conduct INUNIMAI Schools in molecular allergy in Belarus was made, because one day is absolutely not enough to cover all areas of allergy diagnostics and therapy, study molecular basics of allergy and perform detailed analysis of confusing and ambiguous clinical cases illustrating the diversity and complexity of allergies.

Участники Школы INUNIMAI по молекулярной аллергологии в Минске

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Участники Школы INUNIMAI по молекулярной аллергологии в Минске