4th International School in Gluten-Dependent Diseases - a report

September 22, 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine. The 4th International School in Gluten-Dependent Diseases organized by the Postgraduate Department of Therapy, Infectious Diseases and Dermatovenereology of the National Medical University of Ukraine named by O.O. Bohomolets, NGO "Ukrainian Society of Celiac Disease", NGO "Ukrainian Association for Functional Food" with the support of the Medical Gastroenterological Center "Olymed" and Phadia was held in Kyiv. Family doctors, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, dermatologists and other clinicians involved into diagnostics and therapy of celiac disease participated in the School. School lectures were given by leading Ukrainian and international level researchers of gluten-dependent diseases including Chris Mulder (The Netherlands) - a world expert in endoscopy,  Head of the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology of the University of Amsterdam Medical Center, Prof. Wolfgang Papish (Germany) - scientific consultant in autoimmunity, ThermoFisher Scientific, Freiburg, and Prof. Raymund Fidler (Germany) - Director of Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Freiburg.

The School started with the speech of Dr. O. Yu. Gubska about pathogenesis, clinics and diagnostics of celiac disease. David Dzhanelidze from Medical Center «Olymed» told about novel methods of endoscopy in the diagnostics of celiac disease and gluten intolerance, and the Head of the Reseacrh Department of Pathological Anatomy and Hystology of the National Cancer Institute Prof. O.M. Grabovoy spoke about morphological diagnostics of celiac disease. Dr. O.L. Shadrin devoted his speech to the clinics, diagnostics and immune responce in pediatric celiac disease. The role of genetic diagnostics of celiac disease was uncovered by Dr. L.P. Sheyko from the Department of Medical and Laboratory Genetics, NMU named under O.O. Bohomolets. Gluten has a great impact on the development of psychoneurological disorders, as was reported by L.V. Belostotska in her lecture, while Dr. O.O. Naumova shared her knowledge about wheat allergy. O.V. Dontsova told about functional food and standards of food manufacturing, and Dr. O. Yu. Gubska discussed several interesting clinical cases with the audience of the School.

Speeches of the international guests of the School were devoted to different aspects of celiac disease diagnostics and treatment: Prof. Raymund Fidler told about development and manufacturing of auto antibody tests, and Prof. Wolfgang Papish (both from Freiburg, Germany) shed the light to the practical use of autoantibody testing in diagnostics of celiac disease. Prof. Chris Mulder (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) shared his experience of celiac disease patients follow-up.

The School ended with the control test. All participants were awarded by the School Certificates.

School audience showed great interest to all speeches. Ukrainian clinicians appreciate a lot knowledge and expertise of European colleagues in the field research and therapy of celiac disease. At the same time, European scientists gave high rating to the huge 10-years work made by the founders of the project "International School of Gluten-Dependent Diseases" Prof. Olena Gubska and President of NGO "Ukrainian Society for Celiac Disease" Olha Naumova. However, more studies of the prevalence and special aspects of gluten-dependent diseases among Ukrainian population are needed. Director of Kyiv Center for Social Health Olena Lukashevych assured the audience about the interest in such studies that can be performed in the Center.

School repeatedly showed the perspectives and need in studies of gluten-dependent diseases in Ukraine and willingness of international experts to help Ukrainian researchers and clinicians in understanding of pathogenesis, diagnostics and therapy of such disorders.