Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, December 4 and 6, 2018: "Molecular Allergology and Immunology: Look into the Future" - A Report

On December 4 and 6, 2018, in the cities of Ural Federal District of Russia (UFD) - Chelabyinsk and Tumen - international research and applied conferences "Molecular Allergology and Immunology: Look into the Future" have been held. Conferences have been organized in frames of joint international educational programs of postgraduate medical education in molecular allergology and immunology INUNIMAI with the support of the Main visiting allergist and immunologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in Ural Region, INUNIMAI Coordinator in Ural and Siberia Prof. Evgeniy K. Beltyukov. About 300 allergists, immunologists, pulmonologists, otolarynhologists, dermatologists, therapists and pediatricians of UFD have visited the conferences that was held as continuing medical education.
President INUNIMAI Prof. Rudolf Valenta and Vice-President of INUNIMAI Prof. Victoria Garib, MD, presented speeches about current and future situation in molecular allergology, perspectives of component-resolved diagnostics and immunotherapy. Ural and Siberia region was also mentioned as the most relevant for implementation of the new generation of allergy vaccines due to wide-spreaded allergy to birch pollen. UFD allergists and immunologists gave a warm wellcome to Prof. Rudolf Valenta and Prof. Victoria Garib and discussed perspectives of molecular allergology and immunology worldwide and in their own region with high interes and enthusiasm. 

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