Event report: 5-th Anniversary of INUNIMAI & 4-th Training for Trainers in Molecular Allergology

On February 21-23, 2018, Training of International Network of Universities for Molecular Allergology and Immunology (INUNIMAI) organized by Medical University of Vienna took place in Vienna, Austria. The Training was directed by President INUNIMAI, Professor Rudolf Valenta with faculty comprised of medical university of Vienna and team of International speakers from Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. The annual training had been dedicated to 5-years anniversary of INUNIMAI under auspice of Medical University of Vienna.

In total, 120 participants, including young and experienced scientists and practical allergists, faculty from medical universities and post-graduate medical education institutions from 18 countries had the opportunity to update their knowledge in molecular allergology during 27 lectures, workshops, seminars and round table discussions. The participants exchanged their points of view and experiences at new attractive sections like poster presentations, case report and research presentations devoted to the new approaches inn allergy research, diagnostics, therapy and prevention.

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The Training started from the Pre-Training for young scientists and practical allergists opened by Prof. Hannes Stockinger, Head of the Center of Pathophysiology, Infectology and Immunology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria with the lecture about Good Research Practice. Pre-training included two problem-solving workshops in clinical allergology for young scientists and practical allergists. Katarzyna Niespodziana and Gerhard-Johann Zlabinger (both from Austria) shared their invaluable experience in conducting, presenting and publishing results of research. Edictor-in-Chief of EBioMedicine journal Prof. Duc Hing Le (United Kingdom) told about article submission rules and reviewing process. Prof. Diana Mechtcheriakova (Vienna, Austria) provided exceptionally useful information about joint research projects and application to international grants for research funding. Methods of molecular allergy diagnostics in current clinical practice were clearly presented by Christian Lupinek, Rafaela Campana. Christine Hafner, Yuliya Dorofeeva and Petra Ziglmayer.

The main Training was opened on February 22, 2018, by the Professor of the Division of pathophysiology and allergy research, Department of Immunopathology, Medical University of Vienna, Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Allergology at the Institute of Immunology FMBA pf Russia Prof. Rudolf Valenta and the Professor of the Division of of pathophysiology and allergy research, Department of Immunopathology, Medical University of Vienna, founder of INUNIMAI Network Prof. Victoria Garib. Opening ceremony was followed by the Vice-Rector in Innovations and International relations of the Medical University of Vienna Michaela Fritz expressing her warm greetings to the participants of the Training.

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In his prominent lecture Prof. Rudolf Valenta reported about current state and perspectives of preventive allergy vaccination, Prof. Winfried Pickl (Vienna, Austria) highlighted in details novel aspects of immune mechanisms of allergy development, Prof. Heimo Breiteneder (Vienna, Austria) described molecular structure and allergenic features of animal toxic proteins, and Pia Gattinger (Vienna, Austria) addressed herself on the role of carbohydrate determinants in molecular diagnostics of allergy.

Then, current aspects of practical molecular allergology were discussed in their entirety including food allergy (Prof. Barbara Bohle, Vienna, Austria), role of house dust mite and cockroach allergens in the development of bronchial asthma (Dr. Yvonne Resch-Marat, Vienna, Austria), cklinically relevant allergenic molecules of pets (Prof. Hans Gronlung, Stockholm, Sweden), sensitization to olive allergens (Prof. Victoria Garib, Vienna, Austria, and Prof. Mayte Villalbe, Madrid, Spain).

Impressive possibilities of modern molecular allergy diagnostics for evidence-based medicine were demonstrated in the lecture of Prof. Marianne van Hage (Stockholm, Sweden). Prof. Nikos Papadopoulos (Greece-UK) described in detailes the role of rhinoviral infection in the development of bronchial asthma, and Prof. Paolo Matricardi (Germany) made interesting speech about stages of the development of sensitization on molecular level in the age aspect, which enables disease prevention long before its clinical manifestations.

In his speech, Felix Gastager (Vienna, Austria) highlighted special laboratory aspects of component-resolved allergy diagnostics. Prof. Verena Niederberger (Vienna, Austria) reported about clinical trials of BM32 recombinant vaccine for cereal allergy prophylaxis. Prof. Hans Uwe Simon (Bern, Switzerland) emphasized the role of personalized medicine in allergy pathologies. Speeches about allergy treatment followed by presentations of Prof. Enrique Fernandez-Caldas devoted to the development of new allergoids for food and respiratory allergy treatment and Dr. Fernando Pineda (both from Spain) reporting the results of using recombinant alternaria allergen Alt a 1 for SIT.

Scientific program of the Training was closed by the report of Maximilian Clementa (Uwe Berger’s research group, Vienna, Austria) about the work of the European Aeroallergen Network (EAN) in the monitoring of pollen load and timely informing citizens.

For the first time, a poster session was organized in frames of Training presenting research projects and case reports from Austria, Georgia, Russian Federation, Ukraine and other countries. Additionally, a clinical cases workshop chaired by Dr. Petra Zieglmayer was held with practical cases presented by representatives from all countries. Warm ambience of the Training with active discussions and sharing research and clinical experience by leading scientists is especially worth noting.

In frames of Training Karger Publishing House presented the first issue of the International Journal of Allergy and Immunology (IAAI) in Russian, which appeared to be the great news for all Russian-speaking university lecturers and research scientists. The highest ranked research articles are supposed to be translated and published in Russian being available for wide audience for active usage in routine clinical practice and educational process, which gives new impulse to the development or allergology and immunology.

On February 23, 2018, intensive scientific program was ended with the solemn Award ceremony and Vienna Allergy Ball devoted to the 5th anniversary of INUNIMAI and 50th anniversary of the prominent scientist Prof. Rudolf Valenta. The Ceremony was hosted by Prof. Hannes Stockinger and Prof. Victoria Garib. During celebration of 5th anniversary for the first time 5 categories of INUNIMAI Awards were presenting: the INUNIMAI Anniversary Award Presented to the Ukrainian School for Molecular Allergology and Immunology (Kyiv, Ukraine), NRC Institute of Immunology FBMA (Moscow, Russia), Director of Center of Allergy & Immunology Prof. Maia Gotua (Tbilisi, Georgia), the INUNIMAI Recognition Awards presented to the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical Unversity of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia), the INUNIMAI Partner Award presented to HVD Life Science (Austria), the INUNIMAI and Karger Award presented to Prof. Marina Mokronosova (Moscow, Russia) and the INUNIMAI Best Poster Award presented to Dr. Inna Pshenychna, Ukrainian School of Molecular Allergology and Immunology, Clinic of Allergology and Immunology “Forpost”, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Kyiv, Ukraine).

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INUNIMAI Coordinator in Ukraine Prof. Valentina Chopyak and president of Ukrainian School for Molecular Allergology and Immunology Dr. Olexander Nazarenko

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Trainers of the Ukrainian School of Molecular Allergology and Immunology (USMAI), Kyiv, Ukraine

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Winners of State Megagrant - Musa Khaitov and Elena Fedenko, Institute of Immunology, Moscow, Russia

9 Recognition Award Sechenov University Russia site

Prof. Alexander Karaulov, Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical Unversity of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

10  Prof Alexander Karaulov with recognition Award site

Prof. Alexander Karaulov with INUNIMAI Recognition Award

11 Partner Award HVD Austria site

Eng. Felix Gastager, HVD Life Science (Austria), with INUNIMAI Partner Award

14 Best poster Award Inna Pshenichnaya Ukraine site

Dr. Inna Pshenychna, Ukrainian School of Molecular Allergology and Immunology, Clinic of Allergology and Immunology “Forpost”, Department of the clinical and laboratory immunology and allergology of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Kyiv, Ukraine)


INUNIMAI President Prof. Rudolf Valenta and Vice-president Prof. Victoria Garib are awarded by Global Allergology and Immunology Awards of the Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology, Medical University of Vienna.

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International network of medical Universities and departments of postgraduate medical education in the field of Molecular Allergology and Immunology (INUNIMAI) was established in 2013 for training specialists to improve their skills with new technologies in the field of molecular allergology and immunology as well as for integration and co-operation between member universities throughout Europe, Caucasus, North- and Central Asia. At the moment, the network includes 26 universities and 6 diagnostic centers from 10 different countries. Under the auspices of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, INUNIMAI offers joint international training program for post-graduate medical education in the field of molecular allergology and immunology. International network of Universities is also a platform for the development of joint international research programs, for exchange of scientists, for the development of PhD programs, joint publications and organizing scientific symposia, congresses and forums.


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Feedback from participants

Dear Prof. Rudolf Valenta,
Dear Prof. Victoria Garib,
Dear all participants of INUNIMAI and invited international speakers,
It is a real pleasure and honor to be a part of INUNIMAI. During this 5 years of serious activity of INUNIMAI under leadership of Prof. Valenta and Prof. Garib we found ourselves in the magic world of Molecular Allergology, got a rational sense of usefulness of Component Resolved Diagnostics for effective management of severe allergic patients, understood importance of Molecular Allergology for choosing proper immunotherapy and possibilities of early immunoprevention of allergic diseases.
Most important is that we got a confidence in fighting against allergy and hope that modern technologies of Allergology can move the mountains of difficulties.
The magic master of this innovations is Prof. Rudolf Valenta. We are very proud to collaborate with him personally and with INUNIMAI in total. We once again congratulate him on his 55 years anniversary and wish to be go farther on his creativity way changing the world of allergy to better.
We would like to thank Prof. Rudolf Valenta together with Prof. Victoria Garib for their great input in creation of INUNIMAI and all distinguished professors, colleagues from the Medical University of Vienna and other important speakers from different countries for their highly professional and stimulating lectures.
On this 5 years anniversary of INUNIMAI we would like to thank as well Thermo Fisher Scientific for greatest contribution to the sphere of education in Modern Allergology.
It is a great pleasure and honor for me to get 5 YEARS INUNIMAI ANNIVERSARY AWARD 2018 by Prof. Rudolf Valenta and Prof. Victoria Garib. It is a strong intellectual challenge for me and my country - Georgia for further progression and development of our scientific collaboration with INUNIMAI.
Finally, special thanks to our hosts of INUNIMAI for unforgettable hospitality, real ball full of music, dance, friendship and love…
Sincerely yours,
Maia Gotua Prof. MD. PhD.
Coordinator of International Network of Universities for Molecular Allergology and Immunology of Georgia.
General Director of the Center of Allergy&Immunology, Tbilisi, Georgia
Vice President of Georgian Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology
GINA Assembly Member, GOLD National Leader, ARIA National Coordinator.

Dear Rudy, Dear Victoria ,
It has been a pleasure to be part of the INUNIMAI meeting and an honour to be able to do so during its fifth anniversary. For me it has been very grateful to give this seminar with you, Victoria, and to be included in this fantastic project that will clarify the true relevance of olive pollen allergens in different European countries. We have spent many years ignored for the rest of european countries from the center and nord Europe because olive pollen was not an allergenic source as birch or grasses are.
I am also pleased to participate in the wonderful party for your 55th anniversary, Rudy. When we are almost in the final stretch of our active research life, being able to share these moments with our scientific friends is magical.
Finally, special thanks to you for your unforgettable hospitality and friendship.
Sincerely yours,
Mayte Villalba, Spain

Dear Rudolf, Dear Victoria,
Thank you for the opportunity to attend this wonderful Training! I had a wonderful time, and it felt like we were all a big family. I will always remember that during this meeting I could enjoy science, music and friendship.
University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Victor Babes Timisoara, ROMANIA

Dear Prof Valenta!
Thank you very much for two unfogettable days and nights! We came to congratulate you, but actually you made to us invaluable present!!! For most of us this was the first ball in the life, for some others -the second!!! I have never seen before such happy faces of our collegues!
Our already not small community headed by you is a big treasure from all points of view.
Hope to see you very soon!
Alexander Hill

Dear Rudolf,
Once more I would like to congratulate you on your anniversary and to
express my best wishes to you! It was a great pleasure to take part in 5th anniversary meeting of INUNIMAI and in Vienna ball, it was the 1 time in my life! It was
really grate! The organization and scientific program were excellent,
thank you very much!
We are waiting for you soon,
Prof. Elena Fedenko

Dear Rudolf!
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part INUNIMAI training in molecular allergology.
Me and my colleagues were very happy to congratulate you with an anniversary.
Nation Day of Austria and a wonderful Vienna Ball will always stay in my memory.
Looking forward to our next meetings.
Dina Nosova

I would like to thank you for this unforgettable experience.
It is really invaluable to be able to meet so many wonderful people and who are willing to share their knowledge.
Special thanks for the Ball, it was fabulous.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards,
Natalia Vakulenko

Dear Professor Rudolf Valenta!
I am very proud to be your follower! Thank you so much for nice time we spent in Vienna, for this unbelievable meeting! Hope that we´ll meet in the near future in Vienna and in Moscow too.
Best wishes!
Emiliia Guseinova, Moscow region, Kolomna-town.