Republic Conference “New Perspectives in Allergy Diagnosis and Therapy” - A Report

Republic Conference “New Perspectives in Allergy Diagnosis and Therapy” have been held in Gomel, Republic of Belarus, May 12, 2017.

Among the main issues in participants’ speeches were medical care for allergy patients in the Republic of Belarus (T.V. Baranovskaya), diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency in adults (A.P. Salivonchik), regulations for donor immunoglobulin application in clinical practice (T.A. Uglova), management of patients with allergic rhinitis (I.A. Novikova), and new possibilities in the therapy of atopic dermatitis (V.P. Adaskevich).

In frames of the Conference, the Training Symposium of the Medical University of Vienna and the International Network of Universities in Molecular Allergology and Immunology (INUNIMAI) was held for the first time in the Republic of Belarus.

In his greeting word, Prof. Rudolf Valenta expressed the hope that the new knowledge will be in-demand and expand international cooperation as well as diagnostics and therapy with the latest achievements in allergology.

Prof. Victoria Garib devoted her speech to the molecular classification of pollinoses and new molecular allergology methods and technologies in patient therapy, which results both in clinical and economical profit.
Felix Gastager focused his speech at the choice of specific IgE assessment method, which was of special interest not due to the 50-th anniversary of IgE discovery but also due to the wide usage of IgE level assessment for the diagnosis of allergy disease worldwide including the Republic of Belarus. Choice of adequate method for the identification and the analysis of results can be the key step for correct patient management.

Prof. Rudolf Valenta devoted his speech to expanding possibilities of allergy diagnosis, risk assessment for cross reactivity and life-threatening states, usage of allergochips for receiving comprehensive information about patient sensitization profile in one essay, new perspectives and even prevention of allergy development.

Speeches raised great interest among Conference participants and proceeded to the discussion with comprehensive answers from the speakers. Alexander Hill’s help in lecture translation resulted in practically direct conversation between all Conference participants and explanation of all arising questions.

We are grateful to all Conference participants that came to Gomel to discuss issues in allergology and hope for the application of the new knowledge in routine practice. Special thanks to the researchers of Medical University of Vienna and Prof. Rudolf Valenta for sharing their knowledge, time, efforts, kindness and energy with the audience.

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