XVI International Scientific Congress “Asthma and Allergy”

XVI International Scientific Congress “Asthma and Allergy” organized by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan, S.D.Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, Association of allergologists and clinical immunologists, was held at April 29, 2016 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Guests from different countries came to the Congress, among them – Delegate of the European Academy of allergy and clinical immunology (EAACI) Prof. Phillippe Eigenman with the speech «An update on food allergy in children», members and delegates of EAACI: Prof. Andrzej M. Fal (Poland), Prof. M.-A. Ionesku (France), prof. M. Gotua (Georgia), as well as professors from Russia and different regions of Kazakhstan.

In her greeting speech President of AACI, Head of the Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of S.D. Asfendiyarov Kazakh Medical University and Chief Children Allergist of Kazakhstan Prof. Zh. B. Ispayeva informed guests of the Congress about innovations in allergology and immunology, successful organization of Congresses since 1998 and collaboration with EAACI as well as allergy distribution in Kazakhstan. According to official statistics, respiratory diseases are at the 1st place among all disorders in the Republic of Kazakhstan (2.5 millions of patients). About 1 million of people suffer from bronchial asthma widely spread among children. The growth of allergy diseases is about 10-15 % per year. That’s why precise diagnostics, proper therapy and prophylaxes matter. Today the most innovative allergy diagnostic approach is considered to be component-resolved diagnostics (CRD). State-of-the-art systems ImmunoCAP ISAC for simultaneous analysis of 112 allergen components are available yet in Kazakhstan for routine clinical diagnostics.

The scientific program of the Congress included speeches in different branches of allergology and clinical immunology, discussions, the most actual clinical cases, particularly, food allergy in children, development of atopic dermatitis, new combinations and control of bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis in children, diagnostics and therapy of pollinoses in Kazakhstan and much more. In addition to science, Congress adds up a lot to the medical education – young allergists-immunologists, pulmonologists, STD and skin specialists, otolaryngologists, pediatricians and general practitioners received large amounts of new scientific and applied information.

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