Pollen Allergy School “New Technologies in Diagnostics and Therapy of Pollen Allergy”

International Pollen Allergy School “New Technologies in Diagnostics and Therapy of Pollen Allergy” supported by Medical University of Vienna and INUNIMAI was held on June 24-25, 2016, at Saratov (Russia), which was visited by 45 Saratov clinical allergists.

Day 1 of the School was devoted to epidemiology of pollinoses and main causative pollen allergens. Technologies of allergen production and modifications including recombinant allergens, allergen extracts and drugs standardization for pollinosis diagnosis and therapy as well as cross reactivity clinical cases were the subjects of participants’ speeches. Mechanisms of immune responses to pollinosis and estimating of IgE level in clinics were discussed at the separate section of Day 1.

Day 2 of the School centered around specific pollinosis diagnostics and therapy based on molecular allergy research data. INUNIMAI trainer, Prof. Victoria Garib (Medical University of Vienna) spoke about the importance of component-resolved diagnostics in routine clinical practice, and Prof. E.S. Fedenko showed the utility of IgE-mediated response on allergen components using Phadia ISAC microarray-based allergy chips in particular clinical cases.

Pollen allergy is a serious clinical problem for children and adults and needs systemic diagnosis and therapy approaches. Today the most efficient way to cure pollen allergy is allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT). What to consider while prescribing AIT, how to choose patients for AIT correctly, what are the efficacy, limitations and contraindications of AIT – these are only few issues of patient therapy discussed at Day 2 of the School.

Saratov Pollen Allergy School not only gave the possibility for visitors to find out more about the latest trends in pollinosis diagnostics and therapy but also to study how to use these approaches in their routine practice improving patients’ quality of life.

INUNIMAI team would like to give special thanks to Prof. Natalia G. Astafieva (Saratov).

Download School program (Russian)

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