Seminar "Molecular Diagnostics of Allergy"

Seminar for allergologists and immunologists “Molecular Diagnostics of Allergy” organized by Medical University of Vienna and INUNIMAI has been held in Ekaterinburg at January 30, 2016. 45 allergists with high interest in new technologies in effective allergy diagnostics visited the event. Opening speech made by Prof. E.K.Beltyukov was followed by lectures of INUNIMAI trainers. Prof. Victoria Garib has started from the introduction in molecular basics of allergy and then proceeded to detailed aspects of molecular classification of pollinoses, food allergy diagnostics and advantages of component-resolved diagnostics in clinic. Dr. Alexander Hill devoted his speech to the types of allergy diagnostics as well as unique microarray-based ISAC system features for routine allergy diagnostics. Despite of absence at the seminar Dr. Mirela Curin has recorded her speech “Allergen Components of Furry Animals” exclusively for the seminar so all visitors received the possibility to get more information in this field and prof. Beltyukov in his presentation paid visitors’ attention to the pharmacological control of allergy.
Instead of the other events where visitors only have the possibility to ask questions and then talk to speakers informally after the lecture, seminar in Ekaterinburg have had large interactive part. New material is known to be learned more effectively if applied “in the field”. Thus, analysis of ISAC test results for 8 patients was included in the seminar program. All participants have formed 8 teams with captains presented them. The analysis was followed by the test with 20 typical clinical questions to evaluate knowledge of participants, which showed extremely high level of learning new information using interactive methods for studying.
Particular clinical cases and interpretation of results highlighted again the importance of molecular allergology methods in situations where possibilities of classic allergy diagnostics are weak for comprehensive disease analysis. All participants of the event received a set of materials for their routine clinical practice including diagnostic schemes, algorithms, publications and cross-reactive maps.

Seminar Program (Russian)

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